Post-Doctoral Course

Procedure for Inscription

Criteria to Join the Post-Doctoral Placement of the PEN/UFSC
The candidates for the post-doctoral placement will be selected considering the suitability of the proposals for the lines of research of PEN/UFSC and the integration into a research group of the Program, meeting the following specific criteria:
– to have the title of Doctor from an institution recognized or recommended by CAPES;
– to have a recognized line of work/research, identified through scientific production, and which is articulated with that of the research group into which the candidate would like to be inserted:
– to present a Work Proposal with: explanation of the adherence to, at least, one of the lines of research offered by the program; definition of the insertion in the research group and in other didactic pedagogical activities of PEN/UFSC; indication of the scientific production which is intended to be produced as a result of the time spent doing the post-doctorate; as well as one research project to be undertaken during the period of placement, from which will result a global perspective of training;
– to have the project approved by the researcher-supervisor, by the coordinator of the research group, and by the Program’s Collegium.
*It is also recommended that foreign candidates should have a good command of the Portuguese language.
The period for the undertaking of the Placement
The Post-Doctoral Placement will last from 3 to 12 months, with the possibility of extension for a further 12 months, meeting the specific requirements of the funding bodies.


The certification will be effected by PEN/UFSC, after the requirements of the evaluation system of the Post-Doctoral Placement have been met.
Evaluation System
The student of the Post-Doctoral Placement will be assessed during the Placement, taking into account his or her participation in the different activities, where his or her specific competencies may be identified.
The final approval of the student will be effected by the respective researcher-supervisor as a result of the progress and finalization of the proposal presented, taking into consideration the activities undertaken, the works finalized and sent for publication, and participations in scientific activities.
Elaboration of a final report on all the activities undertaken during the post-doctoral placement and consequent scientific production to be sent to the researcher-supervisor, to PEN/UFSC, and to the body which financed the placement.